About the Studio

Jamland Studio is a home-based Project Recording Studio conveniently located in North Wilmington Delaware, serving greater Delaware, Metro-Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Eastern Maryland.

Jamland Studio began full time operations in Peekskill, New York back in 2002. It has been doing business in Delaware since September 1st, 2005.

Jamland Studio specializes in assisting songwriters, musicians, small bands, voice-over artists, or anyone else interested in furthering a career in the music or radio business. All styles are welcome!

From recording to mastering, we offer a state-of-the-art digital recording facility with professional sounding results, and a very comfortable and inspiring atmosphere to work in.

Jamland Studio clients can take advantage of an in-house producer and session musician capable of helping them fully realize their musical vision. We also produce original hip hop beats for aspiring rappers.

Jamland Studio can help your promotional needs by offering photography, website design, lead sheet creation, CD/DVD cover art, CD duplication, and Flyer Ad creation

Jamland Studio offers live acts On-Site Recording, and professional DJ Services.

And if that weren't enough, aspiring guitarists can also take lessons from a Berklee College of Music alumni guitar major! Bass, beginner drum, vocal, and recording lessons are also offered.

Contact us today to set up a free , no obligation consultation, and see for yourself why Jamland Studio should be your place to create!

Jamland Studio: It's not the size, it's the sound.


Professional Affiliations

Recording Connection Audio Institute: Earl Wilt is a teacher/mentor.

DISC MAKERS: The studio is Platinum Partner.


About Earl

Jamland Studio is owned and operated by Earl Wilt. A graduate of Berklee College of Music class of 1988, Earl began Jamland Studio in Boston in 1990 as a humble 4-track studio used mainly for his own demos. After several incarnations and locations, Jamland Studio is now available for other aspiring musicians, and others, that wish to utilize a great assortment of top-notch equipment in a comfortable environment, coupled with Earl's extensive knowledge, experience, and musicianship.


General Policy Outline

Owners’ Statement: Jamland Studio strives to present and maintain a professional, comfortable, and fun environment for recording, graphic art and website development, and lessons.  I am constantly making improvements in all areas of service, products, and appearance. It is my hope that you will leave here with pride in your completed project, and are happy with the service provided. In keeping with a professional relationship, I have put together this General Policy Outline so that there will be no misunderstandings, misinterpretations, or misconceptions, and your expectations are met and hopefully exceeded.

What I will do: 

  • Prior to the appointment, the studio will be clean, powered up, and ready to go.
  • There will be no interruptions from outside during session.
  • I will provide water and a restroom facility.

Payment Policy:

  • Cash, personal and business checks, all major credit cards, and PayPal accepted.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, payment must be in full at the end of the session.
  • If it is arranged that work is to be done without you being present, a deposit of approximately 50% must be paid up front, and payment must be made in full within 5 days, or upon the beginning of the next session, whichever comes first.
  • An initial deposit of 50% up front is required for all website projects. Payment must be made in full on completion.
  • Gift certificates must be presented for credit.

Appointment Policy:

  • All prospective recording artists must meet with me at least 1 day prior to scheduling their initial session to discuss studio policy and the artist’s intended project(s).
  • Check the studio website’s Calendar page for availability.
  • Appointments must be made at least one day in advance.
  • Special Same Day Session Requests: $20.00. (Must be made before 4pm.)
  • Appointments cannot be made while there is a session or lesson in progress.
  • If you cancel an appointment within 24 hours without a reasonable excuse or you are a No call/No show and you wish to continue working here, all future appointments must be made with a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 at least 1 day in advance.
  • You may be up to 15 minutes late, after that, the clock starts for the session. After 1/2 hour your session will be canceled.
  • Appointments broken by me will be rescheduled ASAP, and you will be compensated for 1 hour of session time.
  • Same day lesson cancellations or No Call/No Shows will be charged $15.00.
  • You will not be able to book studio time if there’s any outstanding balance due.


General Policy:

  • Any recordings and/or computer files released only after payment is made in full.
  • Jamland Studio will keep all master recordings and/or computer files for a period of 30 days after the project is completed, or if the client has not made a session appointment within that period; after which said files may be deleted. It is highly recommended that all files pertaining to your project are backed up and taken with you after each project is completed. Jamland Studio will not be responsible for lost or corrupted project files due to mechanical failure or other acts of God.
  • If you are a group, there must be one designated person who will be responsible for payment and contact. It is the responsibility of this person to notify the studio of any address or phone contact changes.
  • Your full (real) name, address, and phone number(s) must be given for billing and contact information.
  • Since this is a residential neighborhood, there will be no loitering out front, hanging out in cars, or littering.
  • Smoking is permitted outside, in the back, only.
  • Eating and/or drinking are permitted in the waiting room only. Alcoholic beverages are permitted to legal age clients only.
  • All persons who will be participating in the session must be here at the commencement of the session. Once the session has begun, there will be no outsiders permitted.
  • Cell phones are permitted only in the Waiting Room or outside.
  • No more than 2 people other than those directly participating in the recording or mixing process will be allowed in the studio.
  • Clients must ask permission to touch or use any studio equipment or instrument. Clients will be responsible for any accidental damage to the studio’s equipment or instruments during the session.
  • All songs co-written by me must be copy-written with my name as co-writer at the client's expense.
  • The studio will close in the event of thunder storms or other very bad weather. The session/lesson will be re-sheduled.
  • Violations of studio policy may result in the termination of any ongoing or future session(s).

Revised: 7/1/15